Anyone found expunged record information?

About 9 years ago, I had a run-in with the law that I need to report on my SF-86 form. My problem is, I don’t have any details on the case, and I can’t find any (the record was expunged). I tried calling my lawyer, they told me they don’t keep anything past 5 years. Has anyone had this issue and found a way to get the information required? I don’t know, for example, the specific charge, the court it was handled in, what the exact outcome according to the records were, I don’t even remember the specific date (just summer of the year).

provide the information to your best knowledge.

Often expunged record information rests outside the court records - this is often how we find it without trying too hard/

Appreciate the reply! So I’m assuming there’s no real way for me personally to access it to give all the information?

I think you can go back to the court (in person) where the expungement took place to obtain information about expungement if not copies. Call that courthouse (records division) first and check policy.