Question about a dismissed record

Hello! Im new here,

I just recently passed an interview for the Department of the Army Security Guard position (civilian). It requires a secret clearance, so a BI will be conducted of course. I have a dismissed record, from when I was in high school back in 2016. The record was a felony, it was a very dumb situation of mine, where (Ill shorten for you all) my friend and I technically made a bomb threat prank call to our high school (mostly him, but I was still involved) yeah yeah, Ik, very dumb situation. Anyways, we were arrested by a detective, and didn’t even go to juvie, they took us straight home to our parents. We started going to court, the detective took my phone four about 7 months. We went to court for a year, at the end, we came out satisfactory on all probation. This included: Doing community service, grades, and other things I currently can’t remember. The case was dismissed, the judge mentioned it was “deemed to had never happened” and that was it, the file that I have on me says it itself. In this case, should I still mention this to my background investigator??? I mean, a dismissal means that I was never even convicted correct? Not just that, but I did a FBI live scan on myself and they couldn’t even find the record, there is nothing on my background. Should I??

Thank you very much in advanced!

If you had to do some form of probation or community service, then you were convicted. You should include it just to be safe. People have done way worse and still received higher level clearances.

Thank you very much, Ill make sure to include it.

Yes, you should list this. The SF86 question is have you ever been charged with a felony. If you say no, you are lying on a Federal form and during a Federal investigation. Your clearance and be denied/suspended/revoked, you can be fined, sent to jail and debarred from any/all government employment. Lying is not worth it.

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