Forgotten information

A few days ago, I signed my contract for the Army with an MOS that requires a TS clearance. Yesterday I had a realization that I forgot to include a felony charge from 5 years ago, which was dismissed and expunged. My recruiter today and my lawyer from back then have both said that I don’t need to include it in my personal interview for my security clearance.

Can you amend criminal history after taking the oath for the Army?
Would the clearance investigator think I was trying to hide it from them if I tell them now?

I appreciate any help.

P.S. I have an active TS clearance as a DoD contractor and I told them about the charge, they had no problem with it when I initially applied.

If you tell them now before they confront you, that’s okay. If they confront you first then tell them, that’s not okay. Is your lawyer a clearance lawyer? I ask because he might not understand that the SF86 isn’t looking at you legally, but looking at you personally. Not guilty does not necessarily equal innocence. They want to see why you got charged at the first place to see if it’s something that says about your overall character.

Considering you already mentioned it before, they will see that and wonder why you’re trying to hide it now.

Also, it is your recruiter’s best interest to get you ship to BCT so he can get credit for recruiting you. Clearance problems will just hinder him.

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Thank you very much for the answer. That makes a lot of sense and I was leaning towards starting off with this during the person interview, it’s just difficult because everyone else is saying to keep it off the record.
My lawyer was prior service but he’s not a clearance lawyer, so that is a very good point.
I like my recruiter and trust him for the most part but I guess that’s what makes him a good recruiter.
Thanks again!

Just to update in case someone finds themselves in the same position.
It turns out the clearance does transfer over from a DoD contractor to the Army, despite the people at MEPS and the security officer told me it wouldn’t. So it turned out great!

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If you reported it on the contractor side it should on record. If it was dismissed…I see that as something positive in your favor. Not necessarily indicating innocence as stated above but a competent judicial authority made a determination to not proceed. Always beats “convicted of a felony.”

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