Araxid via verato


Just seen that a company by this name pulled my credit report last week and the permissible use was for employment, anybody knows what this is?


I would contact your FSO to ask.

But I did while searching the internet -


What is that? some Latin phrase? lol


Likely a subcontractor using your signed permission for the clearance process. I had an employee who was getting credit pulled by the government each 6 months. They used a subcontractor to pull it. The employee had lifelock or some similar credit monitoring program. So she called the sub, and they told her you signed permission for the government to monitor credit. And we knew it was for her re-investigation. Credit was fine, 700 plus and nothing became of it.


This company pulled my credit as well, they indeed work with OPM.


Spell from Harry Potter? Lol idk it’s weird. Apparently they have something to do with opm?