Credit Checks under CE

In October 2019 we were told that all clearance eligible employees and employees who hold clearances will be placed in the Continuous Evaluation program. They explained that our records including our credit reports will be check more often. I don’t hold a clearance, but I have a background investigation. I was told that I was cleared up to a Secret clearance. I check my credit all the time and have not seen where the government has checked my credit since stating that we will be enrolled in the CE program. My question is, do they check Experian, Equifax and Transuion, or is it somewhere else that they check our credit. Also, how often do they check your credit under CE? I don’t have any credit issues, but am just curious. Thank you.

The government has a contractor that pulls all of your credit reports - not just one.

Not all clearance holders are enrolled in CE.

Do you mind elaborating on this? who is put in CE and who is not?

Whomever’s agencies have agreed to it. Doubt there is a hard list floating out there. It is the wave of the future, everyone will be sooner or later.

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thanks fed-investigator, what exactly is being regularly checked? credit, local law enforcement, IT use at work. anything else?

Don’t know, again, you’re not going to find a hard list. I am sure though, if there is a record out there, it will be checked, especially if it is electronic.

Some company created a “special” system to pull credit info just for clearances. You cannot see when your information is pulled.