Are You Delinquent on Any Federal Debt

I’ve been provided with an SF-85 form to fill out for a federal contractor position. Prior to receiving the form, I made a payment in full to the IRS for a tax debt owed.

Although I received a confirmation number, a receipt for my payment, and the payment debited from my checking account, the payment has yet post to my tax account.

On the SF-85, it asks “Are you delinquent on any Federal debt?” I am not sure whether to answer yes or no to this question, given that I’ve paid but the payment is still processing with the IRS.

IRS reps say that it could take more than a week to post to my tax account despite having a receipt, confirmation number, and a debit from Checking account. Just curious about how I should note this properly and honestly on my form.

My initial reaction is that since the money has come out of your account and you have a confirmation number and receipt, then you are not delinquent on the account. I’m not an FSO or investigator, but I wouldn’t think you have any problems here. I would add that in the comments on that section of the SF-85, including your confirmation number and the date on which you made the payment. Should be good to go.

Again, not an FSO or investigator, just my thoughts.

You are clear of the debt.