Asked to fill out new SF 85p

I have been a federal contractor since 2006 and have submitted security forms for clearances several times. I am starting a new job next month which reqires a public trust clearance. When I logged in to eApp to flll out the the SF 85p form, I was expecting one with my most recent information (updated last April) to update and submit. Instead I got a blank one. I emailed the security contact at the agency I’ll be working for twice, so far no response. I tried calling the eApp help desk and it said busy. I emailed them too, but haven’t received a reply.

Has anyone else experienced this before? I resubmitted a form for a TS clearance in 2021 (that investigation was dropped because I got laid off and didn’t require it). That same form was the one I updated for a public trust last year. I really want to avoid starting from scratch and spending hours filling out the form. Is there anyone else I can contact? I also filled out a form on OPM’s website, and emailed a FOIA request for my most recent one. I would rather just get a current one online to update.

This doesn’t really answer the question but adds a little more info for others like me that may have lost track: DCSA switched from the old eQIP application to eApp in October of last year. So it is possible some data was “misplaced” but I don’t recall others reporting a similar problem.

Okay, so if you had a TS investigation prior then you would have filled out an SF86 and NOT an SF85. Questions are similar but different. You cannot “update” a form you never filled out which is why you have a blank form. A “public trust” is NOT a clearance. Different things.


When I had to submit an updated SF-86 last year in the new online system, I was told that there was a possibility my previous information would not be present. Apparently, not all historic data was successfully imported. Luckily, for me, my data was all there.