ATF denied suitability but had active DoD TS?

ATF has extremely strict drug suitability requirements that I did not meet, and since it was my company’s first contract with them we didn’t have a relationship with the Security office to be warned of this denial. So the suitability was denied even though I have met the DoD TS requirements. Does this mean my DoD TS is revoked? Do I have to wait 1 year before applying for any other suitability determination (other DOJ components that have less strict rule/other agencies) or can I apply sooner as long as it’s not ATF?

Again I just didn’t meet ATF’s specific requirements but it wasn’t due to my dishonesty or any new concerning factors, just that ATF specifically has a stricter drug policy than DoD TS.

Suitability denial does not always mean clearance revocation. In this case, as long as DoD knew about the past drug use, you are fine.

The one year rule should only apply to ATF but might apply to all DOJ positions. I don’t know the specific rules for agency suitability actions.


That can be sticky. But as long as you reported same info…frequency, amount, date last used, drug of choice, etc you should be fine. ATF may well have screened you out prior to submitting for actual clearance. That is a plus.

Surprised I missed this one… I’m always interested in ‘suitability’ stories.

I know that some federal law enforcement agencies have very strict drug usage policies (which have eased only slightly in recent years) but I thought this only applied to sworn (armed) agent positions, not contractors.