Back Taxes and Moderate Risk Public trust


I received a tentaive offer on 5/28/20.

I was self employed for 10 years covering the years of 2004-2013. my business partner and I decided to step away from the business in 2013.
I has a bad tax year 2010.

In 2008 I was dignosed with a chronic illness with inconsistant bout of flares which are brought on by stress. this also played into the decision to move on from the business.

Since 2013 I have been inemployed or underemployed. My back taxes owed from tax year 2010 have languished because Insimply did not have the money to pay them.I habe made periodic payments nothing considerably consistant.

In interviewed for the positon 1/20. I had unfiled tax returns from 2017-2019 all of which were filed in February 2020. I do not owe anything on these federal returns only the back debt from 2010. I have state also owe state govt taxes for 2010. while gathering information for my SF 85 Inwas informed by the state that I owed additional money for 2008 which I was unaware of. I did not find that out until I called. I immediately made a payment plan for the state, but I know that it is a plan that I will be unable to manage, but I wanted to have something in place.

I got off the phone with the state in shock and immediately acquired a tax attorney as I need help in navigating these tax debts.

I have a payment plant and made 2 payments to the feds and a payment plan that was established with the state. My first payment to the state is due 7/20, but I am working with my attorney on the verification of the debts and an extension of the length of the repayment plan.

I owe approximately 15k to feds and 18k to the state.

Do I have enough mitigation or am I a lost cause?.