SF-85P and business taxes

I have a tentative offer for a public trust moderate risk position and will be submitting my e-QIP soon. My spouse and I are fine when it comes to personal finances (little debt, all paid on time, no tax issues), but my husband owns a business that has been late on filing/paying some state/city sales tax payments from the business within the last seven years.

I’m debating whether I should include this information in relation to question 24.3:

In the last seven (7) years have you failed to file or pay Federal, state, or other taxes when required by law or ordinance?

I assume the “you” here would include my spouse? Would it include a business of which I am not the owner? He has a business partner and they are an LLC operating as an S-corporation.

I have no problem including the info with a detailed explanation of how the taxes/penalties were eventually filed/paid and demonstrate the more recent on-time filings/payments. But I’m also not sure if I’m overthinking it? Other financial questions are specific about the scope of question including debts you are a co-signer on. I’m not an officer in the company, so I’m just not clear if this would be in scope or not.

We live in a community property state if it makes any difference.

Appreciate any thoughts and advice.

“You” is you, the one filling out the questionnaire; the one with the tentative job offer.

“You” is not your husband.

Read the questions literally.