Does HIGH RISK PUBLIC TRUST clearance require tax history documents from IRS?

I hadn’t filed taxes from 2010 till 2014. In my SF85P, for "do you owe any taxes?, I answered NO. After submitting SF-85P, I filed taxes for 2010 till 2014 and I am in the process of paying that money. During my interview with BI, I didn’t bring any of that (not filing taxes previously, but filing them now) up in the fear that I will be rejected for position. My question is: will the BI or the agency for which I am getting a Public Trust (NOT IRS) get my tax records from IRS? If they do, they would see that I still owe some taxes. If they don’t, they won’t know that I still owe taxes. Does anyone know? Thanks!

You can expect that your tax issues will come to light, and compounded by your lack of candor on the form expect it to be to separate major issues that you will have to answer to.


The naivete of some of these queries never ceases to amaze me!

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(trying to give a non-judgmental answer :slight_smile: )
I had some tax issues in the past and put that down on the forms. During the subject interview the investigator had me sign some releases that allowed them to obtain tax records. Without one of those releases, I’m not sure what kind of records they can get. I actually had to get some records myself and provide them to the adjudicator.

At least you are addressing the issue now. As others have noted you have some problems because you were not honest when filling out the forms. Aside from the public trust issue there may also be “suitability” concerns raised by your failure to answer the tax question accurately.

Maybe you will be OK, stranger things have happened. But you should probably start working on your plan B at this point.

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