Public Trust Consideration


I currently hold a public trust for Agency A. I am now going to be consider for another project for Agency B. For Agency B, I submitted an SF-85P. Had an interview with the BI, and that interview resulted in a few things missing from my SF-85P. I did not list my job location, a step parent’s name, and a school I attended over the summer. I did not intentionally omit those things, they were an oversight (in which I told the BI).

I also said yes to a drug question asking “within the last year” when in actuality the answer should of been no. In the comment section for that question, I added the dates (dates of my first admission) as if the question asked “in the past 7 years”. The BI noticed it and inquired to me about it and I stated the answer should of been no. I did not lie about anything. My clearance history shows an admission to drug usage in the past 7 years, however this questionnaire only asked for within the last year which is no.

Overall, it was a poor completion of my e-quip.

Will those things affect my chances of obtaining a public trust for Agency B?

Also, if denied will it affect my current public trust for Agency A?

I suspect that you will be fine. People make mistakes on these form all of the time and reasonable explanations make for reasonable mistakes. You MAY have extended your investigation a bit because some of this will have to be vetted by the investigator and the adjudicator has a little more to consider.

I know that anyone with a secret clearance puts that at risk when they apply for a TS but I’m not sure about public trust.

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I agree with Ed. Oversights are common and expected.

That said, as the person who reads and has to fix all the errors in the case papers, I beg of you (and everyone)- make an effort to read carefully and fill it out correctly.

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