Tax Requirement Question

Hello everyone, quick question about public trust clearance.

The sf85p form asks about filing taxes in the past 7 years, and during my time in college from 2011-2015, I did not file taxes because my income was below the standard deduction (had financial aid, and part time job). Since then, I have properly filed taxes every year. Even though I wasn’t required to file taxes during those years will they consider it a bad thing that I don’t have tax records for those years? Should I try to file taxes for those years or just explain that my income was lower than the deduction?

Thank you in advance.

SF85P ask if you have been subject to a tax lien in the past 7 years.

If you have no filing requirement for a year, you don’t file. You still remain current.

You note that you had a part-time job . . . Did you have withholding from that job? Do you still have the W-2s? If you had withholding, you should have filed in order to have that refunded.

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