Question about Taxes.

Ok folks got a question and I don’t know how to find out any info other than asking some of you. Turned in my Eqip and already had my interview back in March 18. Since its been a year since the process began my mind is now racing like I’m sure most you guys are having the same problem. Since 2011 i haven’t claimed taxes since my income has been from the gi bill and va compensation, its been rough since ive gotten out. I’ve held part time jobs here and there but never made over 10k a year from said jobs. Should i play it safe and file for the back years even if i made below the min Requirments just to play it safe?

what did you tell your interviewer about not filing taxes since 2011?

That ive lived off the income that I got from the VA. They didn’t say anything negative about it and lead me to believe anything was wrong.

Well . . . It’s not up to the investigator to lead you to believe anything is wrong. His job is to gather facts. That’s it.

If you have no filing requirement, I don’t see any reason for you file. You mention part-time jobs. Where you issued W-2s for these jobs? Did you have any withholding? You may have qualified for refunds in those years but no one is going to force you to file for those.

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Filing taxes are mandatory, unless you don’t meet the income requirements to do so. If you are owed a refund, you are required to file taxes, there is just no penalty for filing late since you are owed money.

the question on the sf86 needs to be notated that you filed late. There are two check boxes when filing late. One for a late filing and one for taxes owed. And a need to check both if they each apply.

My dad works for irs and informed me about the requirement when I asked him was it within the scope of the sf86 question. It’s technically a violation not to file your taxes on time without an extension, but the irs isn’t going to chase you down if they owe you money. Most people don’t file an extension when they are owed money. Only when they think they have some late forms coming in.

I filed late this year because I was owed money and was in no rush to claim a 300 dollar refund on a 200 preparation fee and with the little bit of income I had coming in - it was a burden financially. I notated that when I completed the form.

My dad had asked why I didn’t ask to borrow the money from him. Quite frankly I didn’t want to burden him… I kind of wish I had though if I knew it would have been an issue.

Actually . . . You are NOT required to file just because you are owed a refund. It is the only way to get the refund but there is not a requirement that you collect your money.

By the way . . . On the original OP question: Even if you don’t have to file federally you may have to file a state return.

That’s actually what I was saying. Maybe I didn’t word it clearly. To get the refund you are required to file, and like I said, even if you are owed a refund AND You meet the requirements to file taxes, you must file.

True. I had part time jobs but never made over 10k for each year. Some were for only a couple months in between school. I guess I’m just second guessing everything now because I get bored with waiting and starting to go nuts.

I would contact a solid tax prep person and review your situation. File for any year you were required. This way if it is an issue, you have addressed it proactively. Period. That you may or may had a struggle is meaningless to the IRS and clearance folks. Just clean up the history and get right. If you have the investigators contact info…then inform them once you are straight. Keep in mind they will have your investigation for a limited time. The faster you get right, the better it is.

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I AM a solid tax prep person . . .

Easy buddy. Not throwing shade. I was advising the person to get his particular financials together with the solid tax person who is actually looking at his data to get right.

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@EdFarmerIII… .you are correct, but I think without knowing OP’s state of residency or employment during that time, it is hard to say hence @amberbunny’s advice that I side with. Some states may mandate tax filing regardless… but I am not an expert on that.

I’m with you both . . . Sorry Amber, you couldn’t see me smiling when I typed that . . .

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