Background Investigator

On January20, 2022 retired from my 30 years in Law Enforcement and the last 12 as a Detective, I’m interested in being a background investigator I would like to get more training in this field and I see you also need security clearance. Any help would be appreciated.

Dan Luttrell

You are a perfect fit. I have many many longtime coworkers with your exact background and they do very well. This job would probably seem very easy to you. If you know of any Peraton investigators in your area talk to them, the referral bonuses are huge right now. I’m sure they would refer you.

Don’t go to Peraton. Don’t let someone make money off of your misery. Horrible company, culture and employer.


They are all horrible with a bad track record of employment lawsuits, poor management, and miserable leadership but I believe Peraton is trying harder than the other guys to be above board. One lowly investigators opinion.

You mean Paragon not Peraton.


Exactly…paragon not peraton. Peraton deals in the darkest depths of depravity and if you have any light in your soul you won’t be able to assimilate with them for long.


Many former LE try this job but many leave. It is not like doing criminal investigations and what you may have been use to writing in reports, you will go way above with minute detail that if you dont put in, often gets re-opened. (ex. subj forgot to list mothers maiden name or they list middle initial of relative, you actually need to disclaim it or gets reopened) Plus remember, mngt will tell you they care about quality of ROIs and metrics but the bottom line is to push out huge quantities of cases. You may try being a 1099 I/C that way you can pick and choose your cases. Good luck!


Agree with this. I feel like anyone with actual investigative experience will likely hate this job.

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Hi Dan,

I retired 5 years ago essentially same history. I work as a 1099 contractor for several companies. My suggestion is start with a smaller company. I consider ADC Ltd NM Recruitment “home company” because they got me started - got my clearance and first credential. It takes time to get started. It takes months to get the initial clearance. You have to be sponsored by a company for a credential - DHS, DOD, DCSA, etc. You’ll have online training to do in the meantime.

Also check out a new company Background Investigator Independent Contractor Opportunities. I’m doing some work with them. They are a startup. Good people. They’ve mostly been working with people already credentialed but give them a go.

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thank you very much for the information .


I was a city cop for a few years and then a beat cop again for a smaller agency. I will say its a pivot to not treat everyone like they are a criminal, however don’t ever let your intuition leave or get beaten down. The Federal Investigative Standards (FIS) that we all follow are closely monitored and adhered to, however that does not mean that you cannot use previous experience to dig (appropriately) into a case and realize when someone is being deceptive and find out the truth. Just make sure you can articulate their deception and your report is within guidelines.


to be a 1099 contractor do you have to be already credentialed? or can a company sponsor you?

You have to get hired on and sponsored by company for the credential. I’ve seen some full time people already credentialed got to 1099. But, my understanding, you have to be sponsored for the credential even if starting out as 1099.