Becoming A Background Investigator

Hi everyone. I’m a licensed private investigator for the state of Louisiana. I’ve been a private investigator for 8yrs. I’m trying to become an background investigator. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Any advice on the first thing that I need to do?

Apply at CACI, Peraton, or any of their sub-contractors which are companies working under CACI or Peraton. I don’t recall sub contract company names but you can scroll through posts as they were listed in past posts. If hired by a company they will apply for your clearance/background check so you can become an Investigator. Good Luck!

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Hi, former background investigator turned personnel security specialist in Louisiana. I worked New Orleans & southeast area of the state. Reach out to Peraton & CACI. GDIT still has headquarters in Shreveport. If you go 1099 contractor try to get your creds for both DCSA & CBP, ICE.

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Why do you want to do this type of work? I used to own and operate my own PI business in Southern California for 25 years. Insurance fraud investigations. I’ve been working as a background investigator 9 years. I have worked for all of the major companies and now with Paragon under the thumb of CACI. You will be shocked at what we really do as “background investigators.” I am sorry to say that we are not investigators, we are form verifiers. I don’t care what anyone tells you. If they are honest, that is what we do. We don’t really investigate. Just trying to give you advice.


Run away from any of these BI contractors. This job will suck the life out of you. The pay is not equal to the stress of this job. The job has meaning but it shouldn’t be for profit. These companies could care less about National Security. Because of that, I’m working on transitioning out.