Bankruptcy Ch.13

I have 2 dismissed Ch.13 BK’s
Have to update my E-quip for Public Trust
How big of an issue could this be

I never heard of a bankruptcy being “dismissed” so I had to look it up. Looks like the bankruptcy goes away but the debts are still there. Is that right? If it is, then have you cleared up the debts? I guess that is the key question, just as if there had never been any bankruptcy.

And I personally have not heard of someone having two bankruptcies.

I have seen two bankruptcies but they are rare.

By dismissed do you mean the court would not accept the terms and you had to start over? Were these two bankruptcies for two different periods of debts?

Dismissed because i missed some payments
These were ch.13
One was in 2019 and one was in 2021
I have since paid some of the debts and some being paid off on a monthly basis

That’s correct

The debts are now paid or being paid

This is a serious issue.

Not to sound harsh but as others have said, this may be difficult to mitigate, If you have 1 BK and you made some payments to the trustee, that shows you made an attempt, if the 1st one was dismissed for the reason you listed thats not good, then to have the same thing happen 2yrs later clearly is not positive. Of course if you had a legitimate reasons for your credit issues other than poor money mngt issues or lack of responsiibility, indicate it and see what happens, good luck!

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I think the issue may be two bankruptcies. The other concern would be the conditions set forth by the court and the adherence to those instructions. Explanations would be required about why the court requirements could not be met in the first filing and why now.