Chapter 7 Bankruptcy / SF-86 Question (Urgent Help)

Dear all,
your input is much appreciated.

I filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy back on March 2016. The case was dismissed and now my score is sky- rocket, and bankruptcy doesn’t show on my profiles (Experian, Transunion, Equifax).

When I filed bankruptcy back in 2016, I moved overseas because I was laid off and got injury that required lengthy treatment, and sold my house here in the USA. I have no idea about the status of my Security (If it was revoked) due the BR, and never seen any SOR or email in that regards.

I got job offer yesterday and contingent Security Clearance. In the SF-86 they ask if I filed Chapter 7 within the last 7 years. Not sure what do I do at this point?

If I put no, and it comes back that my clearance was revoked back in 2016, then it will show I lied.
If I put yes, it might open a can of warms, although it has been 7 years (6 years and 11 months)

Any insights?

Put yes. It is better to explain yourself than to be found unsuitable due to honesty and integrity issues. From an investigator.


Isn’t there a US residency requirement to support a background check going back five years?

Much appreciated for your prompt feedback.
Hopefully, that doesn’t disqualify me. It is a dream job and I started clean slate and score above 800.

Hopefully things go well

Not sure. I’ve been back in the States since Dec 2021. Got my Public Trust clearance and been working on a federal contract for the US Courts for 1 year now.

I only ask because a family member recently was recently found “ineligible” for a job with the Post Office because he had not lived in the US for the previous five years… and this position did not require any kind of security clearance, just some kind of public trust.

USPS does their own thing very different from any other government agency. I never even try to figure out what they are doing lol.

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