Help..I'm worried. Secret Clearance


This may be a question for an investigator/adjudicator:

My tentative job requires me to acquire and maintain Secret Clearance as a civilian contractor for the DOD. It is my first time going through the long process of filling out the SF-86. I have not submitted it.

I have some concerns from what I’ve read online is an instant deny for clearance.

  1. I filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2015 and was discharged of all debts except for student loans at that time, but I have paid off my student loans. I currently have 0 debt and have maintained good finances after my discharge. I have listed my charge off debt, but have been cleared in the bankruptcy. From what I’ve read, some applicants have been denied clearance because of charge off. I was not sent a 1099-C for that year or any following years.

Bankruptcy reason" It was not due to gambling/drugs/alcohol. It was due to being a broke college student using to pay for books etc./underemployment and was part of a start-up business with a business partner and it failed. I filed bankruptcy soon afterward. "

  1. The question about filing have you fail to file federal/state tax etc for that past 7 years (yes or no) I answered no and provided a comment below.
  • I did not file in 2011 and 2014 because I did not meet the requirements of income to file for those years from because I was a student and a dependent. I verified with the IRS and I do not owe any money and they confirmed I did not need to file those two years.

  • I did however filed my federal and state taxes a few days ago for just in case.

  1. I am a second-generation American born and raised in the U.S. My parents immigrated to the U.S in the early 80’s from China.

My dad is a naturalized U.S. Citizen since 1993 and I provided the document no etc.

My mom is a permanent resident since early 80’s, but she is still a Chinese national. I provided the card information.

My mom renewed her passport at the Chinese consulate in Chicago w/ my brother a few month ago. I included both of them as having contact with a foreign national with specific dates, but they do not know the Chinese national that they had contact with when they were at the consulate.

I am currently living at home with my parents and like I said my mom is a permanent resident, but a Chinese national. Is that going to be an issue and instant denial of clearance?

I have a few relatives uncles/cousins who live in China and I don’t have contact with them and only have met them twice.