Bankruptcy questions for eqip

New to this blog a big thank you in advance
I Have a couple questions to ask and I hope I can get some help with my questions.
I was recently offered a job with a federal contractor to work in a prison setting. In 2012 I worked with a federal contractor at a prison and passed my background with no issues and I left that job in 2013. Fast forward to 2018 I filled for bankruptcy and in 2019 I discharged my case.

Q#1 will I pass a eqip and background with a bankruptcy.
Q#2 will my wife bad credit hurt me and do I need to report it. Mostly medical bills.
Q#3 can I update my last eqip or do I have to start it all over again.

Usually a bankruptcy doesn’t automatically disqualify you, but one this soon to your BI maybe cause for concern. I see alot of people get through with low credit scores, bankruptcies. I seen people get denied with high credit scores. Financial is a part of the process, the mark or score isn’t the reason for denial, but the reason if happened. If you suffered a loss of job or health issues its usually easier to overcome as long as you have proof you are improving your situation. They know nobody is perfect and have parameters.

a common error that causes headaches for Subjects about bankruptcy:

They only list the bankruptcy.

You need to list every delinquent account. collections, foreclosure, missed taxes, etc, you are involved in addition to the bankruptcy.

As for your wife, rare is the instance that marital finances are totally separated - especially common debts like medical bills. Ask any divorced Subject who’s ex-spouse files for bankruptcy without the Subject that included debts assigned to the ex-spouse.

IANS - don’t play word games while reading the questionnaire. Answer every question as it literally reads. You are better off explaining something you reported than having to explain something we found that you didn’'t report.

This is all too common a problem with applicants.
“But I thought the question was asking this: . . .”
No. The question is asking precisely as it is written. It’s never a trick question.

Does it ask for 7 years?
Then provide 7 years of information.
Should I provide 12 to “be sure?”
What do you need to be sure of outside the 7-year scope?

Q#1 No one can really answer this accurately. Too many variables. What counts against you the most is the recency.

Q#2 Your wife’s credit report is not pulled. You do not need to report her bad credit unless there are joint accounts. The joint accounts will show up on your credit report anyway.

Q#3You can update your last equip, but you must carefully review and make any changes that have occurred since you last filled it out, especially the bankruptcy. Also, it is good policy to delete any items that are not within the 7 or 10 year requirement. For example, if you have residential history going back to 2003, delete the history prior to 2010.

Additionally, you should pull a copy of your credit report. Make sure all delinquent accounts show as discharged in BR. If not, they will need to be listed if they are still delinquent.

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You cannot update your eQIP unless it gets rejected back to you. Once you’ve submitted and released it to your agency, you will be unable to log in.

I thought he was referring to his previous equip from the last investigation as it is auto-populated. That was my interpretation.

  1. Yes, you can pass with the bankruptcy and recency is an issue. When you say it was discharged in 2019 does that mean that your debts are paid or that they are in repayment plans and you are up to date? If everything is paid, you should be in good shape except that you will have report all of the debt and the reasons for your failure to repay them in the first place.

  2. As noted, your wife’'s credit will not be pulled but many of those debts may show on your report as well.

  3. You are really going to want to start fresh. The last time that you filled it out was 8 years ago. Much of what was noted then will have fallen out of scope and everything since then will need to be added. You may as well start with a blank slate instead of have to make sure that you delete everything that needs to be removed.

I filled chapter 7 and all debt was discharged. Thank you for your help sir.

I was able to log on to eqip and I was able to update my original eqip application from 2012.

On March 10 2020 I was told I received a preliminary clearance and would be allowed to work.
I met with my background investigater and we went over my bankruptcy.
He also asked me questions about a arrest that happen over 13 years ago. I explained to him that I didn’t list that on my eqip because it only asked for 7 years.
Right now I’m in the final step (Final Fitness Determination) and with no time line set.

I don’t wanna sound like a negative Nancy, but if my application is denied do I have the right to appeal and to review the reason for being denied

Yes you do have the right to appeal through DOHA.

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@Budlight2384 what was your outcome?

I was rendered a favorable decision and got the job

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