Be Proactive in Mitigating Financial Concerns during These Trying Times

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Three months ago no one could have imagined the situation the world finds itself in now. Many were looking forward to spring break, others were getting ready to file taxes, and life was normal on the local restaurant and bar scene. Now, most of the country is homebound, millions are out of work, and individuals…

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I was given some really good advice a very long time ago.

Have, at a minimum 3 months worth of bills in a special savings account.

It is better to have 6 months worth of bills in savings.

It is best to have 1 year worth of bills in savings.

Shoot for 3 months and build from there. Do not touch this money for any reason unless you lose your job.


Also have at least $1,000 in cash. $10’s, $20’s, $100’s. You won’t find an ATM when you need one.