Causing Data Spill, Clearance Pulled?

To my great dismay I caused a TS data spill by unintentionally uploading a classified document title onto an unclassified database, what are the chances DoDCAF pulls my clearance? I’m a contractor at a private defense company with a TS/SCI clearance. It just happened two days ago, I’m in a mild panic…

Inform the database manager and your local security officer ASAP so they can go through proper sanitization procedures.

Anyone who accesses that classified document from an unclassified system will have to have their unclassified machine taken away to be sanitized so the earlier you report this, the easier the clean-up effort will be.

If you are honest and forthcoming with your security officer and they know that you’ve already taken the correct course of action to mitigate the damage, they will be more forgiving.

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I immediately notified my supervisor who promptly took down the network, scrubbed it, then IA quickly took my laptop to sanitize…

I would think that your clearance would not be suspended unless they found some kind of gross or willful negligence. Now you might get a security violation or infraction, but that does not automatically lead to loss of clearance.

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That’s what I’m hoping, we have data spills all the time, and I still see the spill-makers working 6 months later, they are certainty no-bueno for a career tho

No. Try not to make a habit of it :slight_smile:

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