Did my poor judgement cost me my clearance and career?

I currently hold a Secret Clearance for the past four years, and I have applied for a regular Top Secret with the military, and put in the paper work for a TS/SCI when applying to a job for a DoD agency.

About two months ago, I had a moment of bad judgement where I found the email credentials an ex gave me a few years ago and logged into the email account. After a some reading and no downloading, I realized my mistake, and have never done it again.

I admitted this bad judgement during the polygraph for the interview for the DoD agency.

I have no drug use, no criminal history, no financial troubles, no drinking or gambling problems, and no negative foreign influences, along with my current Secret security clearance.

Have I messed up my TS chances with this one mistake? I told the polygrapher I regret what I have done, it was only once and that I have no plans to ever do it again.

Do I risk getting my current Secret clearance revoked as well?

So you logged into your ex-spouse’s email account with the user name and password she gave to you? As long as you didn’t do anything malicious it should not be a big concern, however, it depends on what position you applied for and the agency. Should you notify your ex-spouse that you still have the p/w and that she should change it? YES! The temptation will always be there otherwise.