TS Application Odds

I’ve scoured all through this forum and haven’t seen this unique scenario…

-A colleague of mine is an E6 in the Army (Active). Back when he was a PVT 4+ years ago he made a mistake and pissed hot on a UA for marijuana use. A one time isolated incident, while holding an active secret security clearance.

-He went through the entire chapter process, loss of rank, extra duty, ASAP counseling, soldier for life etc and it was decided by the powers that be to retain him in the service. He has since had an illustrious career with the evaluations, coworkers, and myself to vouch. He is now in a position to have his Secret clearance upgraded to a TS in hopes of furthering his career, what are his odds with this prior infraction? Should he even attempt?

Is he still in the military, trying to get the TS for his military job? Then I’d say he has a pretty good chance, especially given the solid performance since then. In this case, on the one side you have the incident (drug use while holding a clearance) and on the other side you have evidence that they have changed their behavior and become much more responsible.

But then they don’t ask me about these things.