Chance of getting cleared?

Hey all,

So I received a job that requires secret security clearance and I was wondering what is the likelyhood of getting the clearance with the following circumstances:

Used marijuana regurally 17 months ago in college , have not used it since 17 months ago.

Sold marijuana to some friends 4 years ago in college

Truth be told I didn’t know that it would affect my chance at federal jobs and stopped right after I knew.
Beyond that I’ve held successful employment records and grades. I just wanted to know if it’s even worth going through the process given this information or if I have a chance.

Thanks guys

Chances are good. Time, without repeated behavior is the best mitigator for almost any problem.

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Never hurts to try. I’ve seen worse.

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We’ve seen applicants with worse issues clear but the sale is likely your biggest problem. The use could be a problem with some agencies (you’re going to have a problem with law enforcement, including CBP).

The fact that you stopped because you found out that it could be an employment problem CAN be an issue. They don’t want to get the idea that this is the only reason that stopped. It makes it look to much like there’s a chance that you will go back after you get the job you want.


What’s the worst criminal things you have seen get through?