Chances? Did an edible 1 time while clearance was inactive

Hopefully a basic question but extremely stressed out about it. TIA!

In summer 2022, I had been out of the defense ( / contracting) industry for over 1 year, and had no intention of ever re-entering the industry (I simply thought other industries would be more suited to my interests.) At this time, I visited a good friend in Massachusetts and was offered half an edible, which I accepted. We watched Pixar’s “UP”, during which I talked incessantly and asked my friend to walk 2 blocks to Chick-fil-a with me. I had just turned 24 at the time, and this is my only instance of illegal drug use.

No marijuana ever before or after, including during college. I didn’t even have my first drink until I was 21, never have more than 1 drink a week (while at home movie night with my parents and siblings,) and have never blacked out or even gotten sloppy. College record is pristine, as is my driving. I volunteer with rescue dogs on the weekends and go hiking with my friends, who are all American. Impeccable financial standing, no debt after paying off my federal student loans last year. If there was a “boring, goody-two-shoes” competition, I’d easily place in the top 10.

In Fall 2023, I reentered the industry, as a defense contractor employee, and was asked to fill out a new SF-86 and all the works. I honestly recorded my one-time edible use, and the friend I used with – who is on track to graduate in the top 10 of med school class next year, hardly a druggie – has already spoken to an investigator for this process, and discussed my use. This week I met with my own investigator, who said things could be dicey because I technically used the federally illegal (half) edible while in possession of a clearance, even though it was inactive at the time (again, over 1 year gap each way between the use and being in the industry.) No other issues.

Not sure if it helped, but I said that I wouldn’t have used it if I was involved in this industry or had an intention of returning. I definitely don’t intend to use ever again. I’m sure all my friends will say I’m good and clean, but I’m still very stressed over it. I’ve always gotten great feedback at this job and would never do anything to compromise it.

It will have been 2 years since the one-time use this July. Thanks for listening to my soliloquy.
Thoughts? Can I stop having a menty b over this?