Chances of High Risk Public Trust?

Looking for some insight because the anxiety is killing me. I have to submit my my e-QIP for a high risk, public trust position and am 22 months into a 3 year chapter 13 bankruptcy plan. About $110k of consumer credit card debt that evolved from job loss and medical debt otherwise never a late payment. Do I stand a chance? Otherwise no other red flags. I filed for bankruptcy as soon as I knew I was going to fall behind so I have 15 years of positive credit history otherwise and only a handful of overdue accounts that were only late because I couldn’t pay while filing, etc. thoughts/opinions please. Fingers crossed.

If your repayments have been timely, you have a good shot. Just be prepared to talk with an Investigator. Get your story in a proper timeline, brief and to the point. I was let go from my employment on x date, I paid by bills for x months/years until I ran out of money. I filed bankruptcy on X date…

Of course, I don’t actually think there is a Tier 6 product but I could be wrong. Lol

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As said above . . . If you’ve been making the payments, you shouldn’t have a problem. You will need to speak about the debts, how they came about and what you did about them. Just be open and honest. What you did is completely legal.

I may have misspoke, may be moderate risk but not as a contractor.

I cant figure out how to post new topics. But is recent pot use within 1 year an instant DQ for a public trust background investigation? Please discuss low, medium, and high risk portions. Does recreational vs medical in legal states make a difference?

There are few instant "DQ"s.

Low, medium, high risk are terms used inside the personal security process to determine the background investigation type. The adjudication is the same for all Public Trust risk levels.

Marijuana use is marijuana use - right now there is no real difference as the drug is not legal by federal law.