Chances of Public Trust?

Just recently got a job where I will require a public trust. I smoked marijuana 4 years ago 3 times and I sold 20 pills of Adderall to a friend around April 2018, once, for a dollar each, basically enough for some lunch. I am prescribed Adderall and so was he, not that I expect that to make a difference. I have posted similar questions related to my situation but this is now for a public trust and i’m unfamiliar with the process.

I am in the process for a Secret Clearance that started May 13th for another company, and I was denied my interim. I took this job because I’ve been trying to get away from the government and my drug use but due living in D.C. it seems this is impossible. Before anyone says “just find a private sector job”, I just graduated from college so it’s not like jobs just grow on trees for me, i’m taking what I can get. I told the truth on my security prescreen and was still given an offer, but I can’t tell if it’s because my company approved of my history or they overlooked it. I really need this job and it seems my past is coming back to screw me over and I feel frustrated that I told the truth completely while many of my friends that I know did not and told me not to say anything. I just wanted my drug history to not be hanging over my head and to show I’m not able to be blackmailed, but it seems I shot myself in the foot.

How likely are my chances, and will investigators compare answers from my SF-86?

They will likely see your SF-86, yes. The MJ use is pretty much mitigated. College age and very limited use. No, it will make no difference that you both had Adderall scripts. In fact, in my view, that makes it worse. You sold them to when you should have been taking them and he could have gotten them legally. It was a crime without a purpose.

I can’t say why your prospective employer appears to have ignored your drug sale.

As far as lying . . . I wouldn’t EVER recommend it. Down the road somewhere you might end up with a polygraph and this will come out. Then you have to deal with both the illegal activity AND the dishonesty.

Prescriptions of adderral come in a bottle of 60 and every time you need a refill you have to make an appointment and get approval from your neurologist or doctor, then you can get it from a pharmacy. My friend would have to drive 4 hours from out college so I thought I’d save him a trip. I don’t use my adderral all the time, I only use it when I have class to focus so I sold him my leftovers. Not saying what I did was right or legal, just that I committed the crime with cause, however faulty.

Don’t take that attitude into your interview . . . You made a mistake, plain and simple. You know that it was wrong and you shouldn’t have done it and you will not do it again. If you appear to be justifying your action, it looks like you will give in the next time that you can justify your action.

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A respectful explanation is worthy. But any explanation that attempts to prove what you did wasn’t that bad, is a bad idea.

Explain your rational behind the sale, say you understand the mistake you made, regret it, and have zero intention of doing it again.

It’s not great that it was 17 months ago.