CIA New Hire Poly?

Can anyone speak to the polygraph portion of the hiring process with the CIA? I have an existing T5 (got it less than a year ago) but I haven’t done a poly before.

I’m obviously aware of what a poly is and how it works and all the basics. Just looking for insight into the process/day of poly with this specific agency. Thanks!

You still need to go through the entire process as if you dont have a clearance. Depending on where you live, you may just go for 2 days, the poly and medical. Good luck.

I’m prepared to redo everything (bummer but whatever, no huge deal really). I’m more interested in what that two day visit looks like? Like what’s all involved in the medical and poly day?

The CIA uses a polygraph screening technique called the Relevant/Irrelevant Test. It has been in use since the Agency first began polygraph screening in the late 1940s. In this technique, applicants are typically initially accused of lying or having problems, are subjected to an interrogation, and then, if they don’t make any disqualifying admissions, are invited back for one or more “re-tests.”

None of this has any scientific basis, and false positives are common.

Thanks for this info. I’ll read up on it. I know all about the validity (or lack thereof) of these tests. Unfortunately I still have to go through it lol.

They can accuse me all they want. I’m confident in the fact that I’m not lying and haven’t omitted anything. But I’m also terrible with confrontation and I have such bad anxiety when I have to deal with those types of situations. I’m worried that will make me appear negatively in some fashion.

Be very careful! Any interaction with will likely ruin your chances for Agency employment. Their forum is monitored by the IC, and the polygraph operator is almost certain to ask you if you have ever “studied” the polygraph and “countermeasures”.

Thanks so much for the heads up. I have heard of them before but I won’t visit the site!

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On that note, that is also something I was worried about with the black and white nature of the test (aka yes/no responses). If I’m asked “have you researched polygraphs” then sure, I’ve looked them up briefly in order to know what to expect. I have some “civilian” knowledge (if you will) of them from what I’ve learned from tv and stuff but that’s it. Also, the job I will be doing is directly related to the polygraph procedure and I will be learning about them extensively for that. So I would love to be researching and learning about them in preparation for the job, but I’m refraining because I don’t want it to seem like I’m studying them for MY actual polygraph… does that make sense? It’s a weird catch 22.

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From actual experience with the whole IC employment process game, I agree with you completely: That entire ordeal IS a Catch-22 situation, where such factors as qualifications, interest, aptitude, and enthusiasm are viewed with great suspicion. Also, the Office of Personnel will tell you one thing, while the Office of Security does another.