Clearance and Media Piracy

I currently have an interim clearance for a student
internship but am considering applying for federal jobs with low-level clearances in the future and will have to undergo the process again.

I read some manga and subscribe to US licensing services for English translations, but these translations are usually quite bad and oftentimes take weeks/months/years to be released. Some media, of course, is also never officially translated into English. I have a similar issue with foreign films that have abysmal international distribution, save for the occasional $300 DVD that makes the rounds. As such, I find some media piracy to be justifiable, if not outright important to the preservation of art. The temptation to rely on more-or-less illegal fan scanlations is there (while still supporting official release channels), and I just wanted to see whether that’d be something to note in any future clearance applications.

It’s obviously not a big deal—no selling, downloading,
etc. involved—but after having gone through the
clearance process once, I just want to see whether it’d be a bad decision to start reading from fan sites. Dumb question, I know, but I’m just curious how this works. Thanks!

You are going to have a bad time if you keep thinking like this.