Clearance Mistake

A year ago I got a job with S clearance and have a CJO from ABC which I need to fill out SF 86 for TS/SCI Pol3. Tldr; two years ago, before my clearance, I knew someone involved in fraudulent activities. I accepted gifts and even did a bit with them. Looking back the few grand was definitely not worth it and I deeply regret it. I am not someone who wants to lie. Telling the truth would most certainly lead to a denial from ABC and then leading to my current S revoked and job gone. What do I do? Any accusations from person wouldn’t be very credible and am not afraid of blackmail or temptation to bribery in the future.

What exactly are you looking for? Someone to give you permission to lie? Not going to happen. You should tell the truth. Maybe it does cost you your job. Maybe it does keep you from getting a TS. You may even have some people tell you that you don’t have to mention it which I will tell you, as an investigator, is false. As part of the closing questions your investigator will ask you is there is anything pertinent to the areas we have discussed or any areas that we have not discussed that you feel is pertinent to the investigation? Since you felt the need to ask you obviously feel it is pertinent. If you want to be a person of integrity, be trustworthy, honest, and a person with a clear conscience, and a good reputation then be honest, own your choices, admit to your mistakes, and face the consequences.


Yeah I would surmise you would cave under poly. Once they start picking at a scab, start pulling those loose threads…people confess to all kinds of “off 86” behavior. Meaning stuff possibly not addressed on the 86…but unethical, wrong, not legal. I recommend talking to a criminal lawyer to find out your liability and best way to fix this. Make ammends, anonymously support and testify against friend? Pay taxes on the ill gotten gains? By assisting prosecute the fraudster, over time your role and where you sit looks less awful. We all make bad decisions and certain circumstances lead us down bad paths…but putting a positive spin on this? Just cant get there from here unless you address the bad behavior, make ammends.

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