Clearance Process Reform Status and Current Metrics

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During the bi-annual National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC) meeting held last month James Onusko, Deputy Assistant Director for the NBIB, provided attendees from various government agencies and private industry with an update on the efforts to reduce the clearance investigation backlog. Onusko stated reform efforts were underway and that “by the end…

Does this mean even more nit-picking, second-guessing, and generally harassing investigators?

If anything, they need to provide more realistic performance metrics to allow investigators to do a quality job. You’ll never clear the backlog with high turnover in the contract investigator workforce due to highly stressful working conditions for low pay.


sbusquirrel–You are probably right. Nitpicking is likely to continue, realistic metrics will remain an illusion, time will be squandered while reviewers major on minor issues at the expense of real world adjudicative concerns.

Any idea when DOD is going to implement the 5 year reinvestigation for secret clearances? Seeing as every officer, and some enlistees have secrets, I imagine it’s going to make any existing backlog exponentially worse.

No word has been put out regarding when DoD and DSS will move forward with implementation. Many other government agencies are already there. I don’t imagine it will be anytime soon given the current environment. Once continuous evaluation monitoring gets fully incorporated at all levels it will likely be the stop gap for now.