Coming Soon - The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency

You can read more about the new agency that will replace the NBIB and DSS here…


First time I’ve seen any reference to this in a while. Is the idea still that this new agency will take over much of the DoD counterintelligence functions as well?

Some years back DoD created a thing called the Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA). Before anybody could figure out what it was all about, it was subsumed into the Defense Intelligence Agency. DIA not only has a need for counterintelligence support (just like all the other IC agencies) but it is also some kind of DoD “proponent” or “executive agent” for CI policy and such things. I suspect it is this policy function that will get moved into DCSA…


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@sbusquirrel, this is ALL so confusing…lol.

I imagine that the Continuous Evaluation piece will have a CI element to it in order to review foreign national contacts and travel because of how rampantly foreign intelligence agents have used social media to exploit people and steal sensitive information.

Speaking of social media:

LinkedIn is Becoming China’s Go-To Platform for Recruiting Foreign Spies

Thats why i dont use it…its like FB to me! I dont trust sites where people go just to be nosey about what you do and where you work…which i have seen a few project managers and directors do.

On proposed DCSA and related matters, some interesting comments here: