DIA Adjudications move to DODCAF

Saw this item over on clearancejobs.com:

DIA CAF Transfers to DoD CAF—The Deputy Secretary of Defense signed a February 10, 2016 Action Memo that directed the transfer the mission of the Defense Intelligence Agency Central Adjudication Facility to the DoD Consolidated Adjudications Facility with an effective date of July 1, 2016.

Does anyone know if this is just for contractors? I seem to recall seeing that somewhere, meaning that DIA will continue to adjudicate its own direct hire government employees.

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This was for SCI access requests only, and yes it pertains to Industry. Go here to read more at Step 6.b:

@marko.hakamaa I saw some references to “Fourth Estate” in my poking around the DSS web site. What do they mean by that? Wikipedia tells me “fourth estate” refers to the press.

Correct, it is a term used when referring to media or press involvement in the democratic or political process. However, when used in reference to the IC or DoD it refers to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and its 20 agencies and 8 field activities.

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