Adjudication by DIA

I recently retired after 26 years from DIA and was offered a position with a government contractor, but I was told I could not start because my 2011 update BI was never adjudicated. i called a DIA BI staffer and told her the problem, and she saw my clearance in JPAS and Scattered Castles, and admitted DIA was in error. She said she would raise the issue to a supervisor. That was 10 days ago. Since then, I called the staffer, and left two messages. No response. Can anyone help?

Can’t offer any help but I do have a question: if your last BI was completed in 2011, shouldn’t you have been put in for a periodic update?

I met a guy who retired from NSA and had a similar experience. In his case, he managed to find out before he separated, but it was still a huge project on his part to get it straightened out.

I never received a notice to begin a new periodic update, which should have occurred in sometime in 2016. I retired in September 2016. On one other occasion, I started a new update well beyond 5 years—it may have been 7 or 8 years. Thanks for your note.

That’s about what happened to the other guy… he was well out of scope, had to practically go to the top get an investigation started… fortunately it completely quickly.

Last week I found a person in DIA who handles periodic reviews. She admitted the failure to adjudicate the update from 2011. I was supposed to get a call back from this person or the supervisor, but it never happened. I called three times and left messages. No response.

My sense is that if DIA would adjudicate it, I could begin new update, and I could move forward with the contracting job. DIA told me my clearance is still active. 26 years of service, including 8 years at the DISL/SES level, and this is the thanks I get. Go figure.

Found out on Jan 12 the job is no longer available because of the non-adjudication issue from 2011. Never had an issue with TS/SCI clearance I have held since 1990. Sent a request to U.S. Senator on Senate intel committee to investigate.

Man that really sucks. I worked at a place, some people were taking 2-3 years to get adjudicated. One guy took even longer… the head of security! As far as we knew, there were no particular issues, and it was rampant throughout the community.

And now that 2011 BI is out of scope.