Confused by Clearance Sponsorship Refusal


Marko, the only investigation was for the NSA. They started the investigation, a FI talked to me and a few friends, polygraphed me twice, psych eval. I attempted suicide with a prescription drug ending up in a hospitalization for a night as a minor. I threw it up and talked to a counselor/social worker for help. For some reason the social worker decided I was potentially a threat to others too after saying “people do stupid things” in reference to a school shooter when he spoke about VTech. He tried convincing to no avail, at school and the hospital staff, that I was in the shooter’s favor but clearly wasn’t (I repeated that exact phrase to both polygraphers without any real response). Came out with a “bipolar” diagnosis, which was only half right; I really suffered depression/homesickness, the manic part was due to his nice lie though. Had two shrinks talk to me and one had to write a huge letter to my school explaining everything and that I am really not a danger to anyone to let me back to finish school. Not sure how calling a killer’s actions “stupid” equates to showing agreement in his actions at all, but who would believe a shy minor over a shrink, particularly when he keeps my parents and me in the dark until after I am admitted to a hospital and get a chance to call my parents and speak to the hospital doctors of what he was accusing me of? Happened about 8 years ago; and I think I was knocked off the running for suitability with “history of inappropriate conduct and behavior” for it. Not a danger to anyone, and my school let me return; finished two engineering degrees without any problems, and my parents agreed not to sue about the situation since all I wanted was just to finish my schooling. I actually got asked in reference to that whether “I hurt small animals for fun” by a polygrapher; which the implications were extremely upsetting when my childhood career choice was being a small animal vet, currently owning a shelter dog and cat, and growing up with hamsters, never hurting a soul intentionally, and being a volunteer EMT and firefighter…but I guess the question was to be expected after that social worker/counselor tried pressing that into a medical record so incessantly and get me thrown out of school, and the notion that I didn’t know English to be thrown into ESL classes and forced to take the TOEFL. Neither the case; I never hurt anything intentionally and I grew up going to school in a Army military base, so English is my first language despite not being born in the 48 mainland states. I think the counselor just really disliked me for no reason I have ever understood (parents thought racism was the issue from how rude he was to them too), and still shows hostility towards me to this day when I tried to talk to him to get details for the SF-86 last year.

Leidos was the rejection by a pre-screen for what I think was a secret clearance half a month ago (questions spanned 7 years), which still leaves me in awe.

And Lincoln Labs has me on the cutting board next, but I wonder knowing what I know from Leidos, if it would be more prudent to save face and step down from the running if my current position with financial, one time drug and alcohol abuse and psych issue a few years ago will make it hard to get cleared currently.

issuedetector, I considered lying, but couldn’t if I wanted to; it’s not my personality. I am not a felon, and I try not to break the law…but for your amusement:

I did technically commit a potential felony? years ago in a time of duress while being homeless by going into an empty room in school during summer break which was under construction for renovation (as was the gym, otherwise would have gone there) and quickly dousing myself in water but caused no damage and didn’t take anything other than a little water from the shower, after spending a solid week without being able to shower. I came clean about it to the school authorities and no adverse action was taken, and my housing situation was helped. Pretty sure the NSA didn’t take well to the story though. I think out of guilt, I made a huge deal about that act of stupidity while homeless about 4 years ago after an inconclusive first poly. Don’t think polys are not for the conscientious and self-critical. Not on the SF-86, because nothing was ever charged and zero sanctions were done, but the polygrapher asked “have I ever committed a serious crime?”, not had anything ever been on any police record. A cop and good friend laughed at the story of that desperate shower and said it would probably been put down as trespassing afterwards if my school would have remotely cared to do anything, but I was told that well after I spilled my guts out in the poly. I am pretty sure I made it sound like breaking and entering, and burglary at the time of the poly.


Issuedetector: When an investigation is completed the agency that requested it gets copies of the previous investigations if they have not been archived. As an adjudicator I have found instances where the individual lied on either the current or previous investigation. This does not apply to the CIA, NSA, and the FBI who conduct their own investigations, but may provide an excerpt of any derogatory information if it is not classified.



That is a vague statement. As an adjudicator, you should know all these issues are downgraded over the years, especially from old BI’s. Some to nonissue. Plz be more specific.