Contractor Denied Clearance for Failure to Pay Debts Even with Available Income

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The Department of Defense (DoD) denied security clearance eligibility to a defense contractor for not paying on over $27,000 in delinquent debts despite having an annual income of $120,000. The contractor subsequently appealed the decision with the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) who upheld the denial. Click on the link above to read more.

Hmmm… maybe that defense contractor should have been a detention officer. I hear those are the worst.

Makes total sense. Anything oddball that shows on a credit report, you’ll be asked to clarify. They want to know more that something is being done about it than anything else. Just saying “Hey… wasn’t me” or “So?” isn’t anywhere near good enough.

This behavior is not uncommon. Many Subjects tell me they are not responsible for a debt because it was 7 years old or written off… The behavior is the issue - not necessarily the debt.