Contractor with Over 170K in Delinquent Debts Tries to Get a Clearance

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It is well known that debt is the number one reason for security clearance eligibility denials according to appeals statistics over the years. One would think new clearance applicants would do a little research and make sure their finances were in good shape, or at least not so obviously bad as to automatically be disqualified. A Department…

Wow! What nerve to keep on borrowing when you’re in that mess. And who approved those loans? Well, maybe he didn’t get their best interest rate :slight_smile:

File under “chutzpah”


Why did it take 2 years to deny!!!

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Probably reapply next year and get his clearance back. Lol

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Ironically enough employers love it when their employees have debt so they can put the golden handcuffs on them. I had a clearance investigator upset because I had no debt and drove a 1,200 dollar civic. Collect a paycheck until denial, then move on to the next job, weather it be construction or factory work.