Credit Report Pull - “For Employment Purposes”

So as previously mentioned, I am now 23 months into a chapter 13 bankruptcy, paying everything as agreed and even early on many of my payments that are paid direct to creditors (i.e. mortgage, car, etc.) everything is going great. I can’t tell whether or not my credit has been pulled yet, however, I am somewhat concerned because I am an authorized user on my boss’s credit card. I know this card shows a $20,000 plus balance. I know the company pays as agreed, but, I want to make sure that nobody thinks that I have accrued tens of thousands of dollars worth of new debt while in bankruptcy . Any insight? Do you accounts that I’m simply an authorized user on show up on a “for employment purposes” credit pull?

If it did come up in the interview, you just have to explain that you are an authorized user not on the hook.

This is an opportunity to help anyone, who has not yet filled out their eQIP (AIP/SCA, etc).

If you have a reportable bankruptcy, you normally have reportable delinquent debts that were part of the bankruptcy. A very common error is the Subject will only list the bankruptcy, but not the debts associated with the bankruptcy. You have to list all of delinquent accounts, collections (original debtor and collection agency), foreclosure, repossessions, etc, in addition to the bankruptcy action. Otherwise, a Subject interview will be painful when the interviewer has to go over each and every debt, and ask “why did you not list this debt?” and other follow up questions.

The SF86 attempts to have you help yourself to provide the issue, details, and mitigating factors.

Yes, I understand all of this but this account is not listed anywhere because this is not a delinquent debt, nor is this even my debt in any case, I am only an authorized user on a company card for business purposes - I was more asking if this account would even show on a “for employment purposes only credit inquiry”

Did you have to apply for the card? Or did you simply sign something saying I will only make authorized purchases?

Neither, the card holder simply had to call the cc company and add me as an authorized user. And I was issued a card. The holder is still 100% responsible for the account.

Did you have to provide your SSN to the bank in order to get the card?

I didn’t provide anything to the bank. Have you ever applied for a credit card, and at the bottom of the application it asks if you want any additional cards issued to anybody? You enter name, they send you another card, you hand it to that person. This is what happened. Except my company is the one that did the request for the additional card.

You shouldnt worry then. I have authorized users for my cards and their SSNs were provided. The accounts show up on their credit reports as well. If you go to annualcreditreport[.]com you can get the full credit report that will show the soft pulls when the Gov checks your credit.

It’s not your card, it’s not your debt, it’s not a problem. You can report that you currently have a company credit card but all that it will do is show that your boss thinks that you are reliable. This will not show up on your credit report even if the company stops paying it because you are not responsible for making the payments.

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