Credit Question / Court Question

A) Does the BI go off your credit report only as far as debt? I know, report ALL information, but if it’s NOWHERE on any 3 bureaus for credit report, then do i stick with what is being shown?

B) I can’t remember exact cour dates from my past. Case has been expunged. I called the court house to get any old information from my 7 year old dismissed charges, but clerk said i’d have to hire a lawyer and petition the judge to release any documentation from my court filings. What do i tell my BI ?

you need to report any debts required to be reported on the SF86. The BI credit report is comprehensive and is pulled from all known sources.

If you are not sure on the dates - report the approximate dates and any information you recall.

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In these cases I always defer to BI above. I concur. Don’t “not report” because you didn’t see them. You are personally aware of them, so write and speak to them. He is absolutely correct they have access to a much deeper credit pull than the three known credit bureaus. I had several employees show me all three current credit reports, an 800 plus credit score, yet the BI person had a report showing an unpaid debt from years earlier. So even a recovered credit score does not mean you are in the clear. It is the conduct leading up to and following bad debt, and choices that matters more than the actual event. The event itself may be overcome, but the conduct and what it says of your character and trends over time is far more important.

Thank you guys/gals. Seems this is a lose, lose form and i’ll probably just withdraw to keep from being in the unemployment line in a year.

Don’t withdraw just because you have credit issues. The key to be honest, present the information up front, then have a plan.

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That’s very encouraging man. I’m smack dead in middle of the fence as far as continuing this form or withdrawing my consideration. I dont have horrible credit. Just things that have hit charge off state about 10 years ago that im very recently setting up payment plans on. Things that have completey skipped my mind (been through a few life changing events to forget). Total, maybe less than 9k of charged off debt. which 8 of that is a co signed loan (student) from chase bank or JPM. I’ve called them numerous amount of times to try and setup a plan to handle this but each time, they never can find my debt given my social and my co signers social number. I have another apt debt that is very similar. I’ve made several attempts to try to resolve but they can’t verify my information as requested. They just asked me to flat out pay someone at the office directly which, its 2019…yea thats not happening. I need some sort of file/record from them stating my info at that apt. But past 7 years, squeaky clean as far as delinquencies/charge offs and all of that. Just revolving credit cards with medium-high usage. Also owe my university 7k for my last semester. That is literally everything on my history.

THank you anyway man. Very encouraging

If creditors can’t find your debt, challenge the debt with the credit reporting agency and get it removed from your credit report. Charge offs that are ten years old should have fallen off of your report anyway.

It’s YOUR credit, YOU are responsible for keeping it up.

Thanks ED!. Problem is, things i know i owe, dosen’t actually show up anywhere on my credit report. Like i owe the school i graduated from (not loans). I owe an old bank from 10 years ago that never even showed up on my credit report. I guess im trying to say. im scrambling to pay things that come to memory from more than 9 years ago that could still linger and going broke at the moment because of it. but i rather give myself the best chance i can rather than just not do anything i guess.

I can admit I wasnt truly aware of some of these but after reading the financial debt part oft he adjucation, im trying my best over here to cover evertying even tho its ‘last minuet’

Without seeing everything involved, your credit report and records of the old debts, I would advise you to address the issues on your credit report first. The debts that don’t show up there may not even come up in the conversation.

thanks a lot dude. i follow you and marko and amberbunny religiously on here lol. Thanks for the help. i’ll start the disput ASAP for the charge off chase loan that was charged off in 2008. other than that, all i have is student loan debt that is currently in deferment for the next 8 months. minmal 30 day past dues on those, but that was early 2018. they are all current and in defer position. other than that i have 2 credit cards. one with about 15% usuage and the other with about 50% usage. actively trying to pay that down. Nothing else is on my report. other than those things.

I have a hard time believing that anyone hangs on my words but thank you very much . . . :grin:


hahahaha! shoot, i do. Ima noob to this form so i need all the help and advice i can get. think i got 50/50 shot tho based on what i’ve read on this forum

Remember . . . This forum is NOT representative of the general cleared population. It’s populated with those who have had problems or experienced long delays. Millions get cleared without any issues or where the issues only caused minor blips in their processing . . . We are, mostly, the outliers . . .


LOL!. I can tell for sure as I dont see many people coming back to see they got cleared. I’m type of person that always expects the short end of any stick so i came here first. To work my way up to a decent % chance of getting cleared. I have moderate ■■■■ on my form that def has time passed for mitigation. Def not the magnitude of some of some of things i’ve read on here tho. Thankfully staying to myself and my family seemed to be a great decision after i got in trouble 7 years ago. Anywho, dont lie, reveal all u can, and should be ok. I personally am (mentally) over anything that i have to jot down and have moved on with my life anyway so we’ll see. I’ll def come back and update on here when i get cleared/denied. LOL