Seeking opinions of investigators

Good people, please opine on what you think my chances are of obtaining a secret clearance for air traffic control.


misdemeanor DUI 6 years ago, legal rectification complete

maybe 2 or fewer speeding tickets > 5 years ago

tried marijuana in high school > 10 years ago

fired from jobs > 5 years ago

enjoy betting $5-$10 on sports regularly

credit score is currently ~550 with 50% utilization, will rectify worst accounts shortly before BC begins, hope to raise credit score over next 2 months, have never declared bankruptcy

I appreciate your opinions, even if they’re negative

A lot of this is completely irrelevant if your dates and facts are correct. Read each question very carefully and don’t list anything that doesn’t apply.

The DUI, terminations, and any collection/delinquent/etc debts over the last seven years are the reportable issues. Of these, your overdue debts (you were not specific but the credit score hints at delinquencies) are your biggest concerns. You have to report the delinquencies over the last seven years even if now paid off.

BTW - we don’t use the normal credit scoring method.

Same what everyone else said about only listing what needs to be listed.

Your finances and employment history will be explored thoroughly. The interview is basically your only chance to offer some mitigating details, so be prepared to explain why each incident happened, and why it will never happen again.

What were you “fired” for? Firing is a word that is used way too often. Firing and termination aren’t necessarily negative terms. People lose their jobs for restructures, layoffs, budget reductions, position eliminations, and “not a good fit”. all the time and they call it a “firing”

Does the flight surgeon receive a report from the BI and vice versa? I want to make sure information matches everywhere.

What credit scoring method do you use?


the credit scoring uses the information you are supposed to report on the questionnaire. it is a fairly simple “no issues” to 09.

We don’t provide our report to a flight surgeon.

I’m assuming that it’s better if you’ve now paid off the debt, but having it in the first place is still seriously considered. Is there a threshold dollar amount where the investigator essentially says, “Nope, screw this guy!” ?

Nope. Some special programs will review your debt to income ratio, there there is no “Stop - you ain’t gonna get the clearance” amount.

I appreciate your help. I have an old eQIP on the OPM system from a different agency, can I assume the BI will review it compared to my new one?

the BI themselves won’t read the old ROIs but the security assistants will and then provide pertinent information to the BI when pertinent.