Millions of Question Credit and past job history

I got offered a job with the DLA. Need help and answers

  1. Credit Karma states i have 647 with Transunion up 39 points in the last 6 months. 1 Hard, 9yrs of crdit, 6 accounts 5 closed 1 open no derogatory, 100% payment history. NOW my Equifax is 622, 3 hard, 5 accounts 4 closed one open “student loans” only $797 left, 1 Derogatory which is medical i became terminally ill $2,451 left on that. Should i worry what can i do to make it look better for my investigation?

  2. I dont think Ive ever put a 2 weeks notice in on any of my jobs except for IBM which i was laid off after 3 years. I think i should get good reviews from my bosses should i call them and give them a heads up/ or should i not worry since these were all my early 20s jobs ? Do they speak to store mangers or just your super visior like the department you was under?

Well . . . I have to ask . . . You were “terminally ill”? Are you in a payment plan for the $2,451?

How can we tell how important the fact that you were in your early 20’s when you left these jobs will be if we don’t know how old you are now?

I find Credit Karma ranges 15 points to the good or bad from 3 major bureaus. So that can be about right. Several posters here with Secret clearances can speak to getting cleared below a 600. My client normally only clears above a 600. Either way on that point I think you are okay, but as Ed said, contact those claiming you owe money and get into a payment plan. Once you hit 4 to 6 payments the debt is then considered addressed debt and has less impact on the score. Don’t expect a major bounce for one payment. But after a few you can recover quite nicely.

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I will be 29 next week. Yes I became sick where I had to do treatment for six months twice a month I was under the impression my parents where paying it since, I was 25 when I was diagnosed and not making enough money for this treatment from the jump. I didn’t even know it was in collections. But I was once told don’t pay nothing if it goes to collections cause it will not help your credit score. But also I never really had that much credit experience in the first place.

I left out the 647 is with transunion and the 622 with Equifax

"Pay nothing if it goes to collections . . . " Who told you that? My suggestion is that you go and punch them in the stomach for giving you such lousy advice. Making payments can get the creditor to mark the debt as “Current” and eventually “Paid in Full”. That’s just foolishness.

I’m not sure about calling past employers to give them a “heads up”. I don’t think that you want to look like you are trying to interfere in your investigation.

Ok cool. But if I don’t know what they put down if I left without a two weeks notice what do I put down on my q-tip cause I would imagine they would just say they fired me.

Few companies are going to tell anyone much of anything other than, “Yes, he worked here from this date to that one.” They are concerned about being sued for damages if something they say causes you to lose another job or prove less then accurate. However, I think that you will need to address this on your SF86 and discuss if you have an interview with an investigator.


Ed-you might be surprised what a lot of employers give us once we provide the release of information… on the other hand, you might be surprised at the companies that don’t cooperate.

If you left without notice and you work in a right to work state - you have no issue. Even if you left without notice - and no other issues are present - you’d only have a minor bump in your case.

When we interview people, we do interview people you have not listed on your questionnaire. What would be the fun of it all if we only interviewed the people you prepped for us.

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When the investigator contacted my current supervisor, they couldn’t say anything about me, release or not, due to corporate rules. All they could do was get employment verification.

My supervisor at the time was not shocked and didnt tell anyone else, neither did the coworker they interviewed.

If you left any job for misconduct issue, then that probably will be looked at. If not, then you will be good.

I think the bigger issue is the medical bill. You should get that resolved immediately (ie: start payment plan and such). Anything that is in collection is simply not a good look.

As for credit score… to put this bluntly, I don’t think federal agencies give a hoot about applicants’ credit scores. They are more interested in “is the applicant living within the applicant’s means?”, “is the applicant paying ALL bills?” and such.

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Another question how do you find your debt what do they look at so i know i covered it? All i know of is what Credit Karma tells me.

While what they look at is going to be distilled down to bare metrics and special codes, it’s basically the same data that website above displays from each of the Credit Bureaus. Or you can look at CreditKarma. All are free.

Just figure out a payment plan for that debt or contest it.

They didnt really clarify like I said before i kind of used to just leave jobs/quit and not put my two weeks notice in will this effect me. Actually all my jobs except my last job a big IT company where i was laid off. Will this effect me?

The Credit Karma score is known as the Vantage score. It’s not the FICO score that 90%+ of lenders use to review applicants for credit. It is also typically higher than the FICO score, all things being equal. But this is also because Vantage uses a different kind of predictive model for scoring, so a 650 on Vantage is not the same as a 650 with FICO.

Once per year you are entitled to your full credit report from each of the 3 major bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax and Experian). Go online to each site and request it. It’s instant.

These do not provide your FICO score, though you can pay extra for those. I use MyFICO and pay a monthly subscription that tracks my FICO score with each of the 3 bureaus in real time. I am alerted when any changes occur to my reports. It also gives me a full 3 bureau report each month.

Some credit card companies offer FICO scores for free as a benefit, though usually for only one company.