Credit Settlement and eQIP

Good morning,

It it time to redo my eQIP for my secret clearance. In 2018-2019 I had to go through a debt settlement company for a credit card and a loan totaling in $19000 due to going through custody court with my daughter and looking for work to pay bills. I also over 120 days overdue on another credit that I was actually able to pay off on my own. Well the settlement for the loan and credit card totaling in $19000 was complete in 2019. I only had to pay less of the loan and the credit card was charged off and I had to eat the amount of the credit in taxes in 2020. But I am no longer in debt and I have a credit score over 700 now. Will this affect my ability to get my secret clearance granted again? Thank you

That is the part that trips some people up, so you are ahead of the game on that point.

Financial issues seem to be of great concern… #1 issue for denials… but it sounds like you have the situation under control. Be prepared for a lot of questions and have documentation ready.