Dating Violence Suspension Clearance

  • Have you EVER been convicted of an offense involving domestic violence or a crime of violence (such as battery or assault) against your
    child, dependent, cohabitant, spouse, former spouse, or someone with whom you share a child in common?

For this question do I answer yes if I received a college suspension for one semester for dating violence ? Although no arrests or criminal charges were pressed?

“Convict” means that you were tried and found guilty of a criminal act in a judicial (usually Government) proceeding. If a Court did not try and find you guilty of the said act, then you were not convicted.

I recently been talking to a counselor about it for a month and took anger management classes. It happened in August and I will be applying for my clearance in June. Anything else I can do to mitigate this one time blip on my record or is this enough ?