Security Clearance

Current student suspended from University for Dating Violence (arguement with my significant other). Can return next semester and have to take anger management classes. Didn’t have charges pressed against me (no misdemeanors or felony’s). Clean record entire life, first offense. However it is on my University Record. What are my chances for obtaining a security clearance?

Things get better with time. Consider a mitigation strategy such as anger management courses, dating violence, treatment from a psychologist etc. Having a security clearance is a position of trust and you have to prove you can be trusted. Psychological conditions such as these are a fast track to denial usually unless you do something about it. You didn’t mention in your post that you are remorseful and maybe feel you got caught up in something unfair. If that’s the case, then that won’t help your case either. You will have to genuinely prove you are a better person by the time you apply.

Good luck.

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How exactly do you genuinely prove this ? I will be taking anger management classes upon my return. They also mentioned that they only hold my record for five years and it’s gone. Should I still mention it after 5 years ? Should I just wait to get a security clearance when time passes by ? I graduate in May.

This appears to be completely mitigatable. Keep records of everything that occurred. This should include records from the anger management sessions that you should be doing NOW, not when you return to school.

You should be clearable after graduation but you are going to have to answer questions during the investigation.


If this is the only negative mark on your record then you’re doing pretty well. Be honest and upfront about it and it won’t be an issue


I’m pretty sure that you can get cleared. You are going to have to answer a lot of questions and provide a lot of documentation. It doesn’t matter that the school says they only keep the records for five years. It can still show up in an investigation and that means that you need to be out in front of it.

The ideas that you outlined here are a great start.


I recommend you have the school administrator put in writing their findings and estimation of the situation. This will prevent any one from mischaracterizing in the future. Continue to learn, train and develop better coping skills and follow counseling guidelines. Have your counselor make note if they feel you have overcome this. Be upfront and honest. Life happens. Misdemeanors happen and people clear. Since this did not rise to the level of a police charge I think it is easily mitigated in time and with counseling. Moving forward…tell the truth.


The first thing that you need to do is put this behind you. Stop sitting and worrying and start to move forward. Yes, as has been mentioned, get counseling and do an anger management class. Read this site and see what other people are getting cleared with.

This is a blip on your record. You were young, it was a one time occurrence, you have accepted responsibility and you have worked to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Just don’t post in another week and tell us you were high when it happened! (Joking . . . )


Don’t worry about it, I had a similar situation but there was an arrest, I was fine and still got my secret. I’ve Never been in trouble just that. Just stay away from that person, no contact at all. Do not fall in a pattern with your ex partner, that’s not healthy; move on with your life and know what is best for you. Like EDfarmer said, “put this behind you.”

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