Security clearance junior high suspension


I’m 37 years of age and working as a DoD contractor and going for my secret clearance. I submitted my my eqip in March of 2015. Investigation closed in October 2015. I received a SOR in Nov 2017 regarding needing to psychological eval. I did that today and one of the questions that came up was if I had ever been suspended from school. In 1994, while in 7th grade I was suspended for threatening a fellow student with a mitre saw after being relentlessly bullied. I was suspended for a week and allowed to come back to school. I was charged with a misdemeanor but not sure what the actual charge was. No jail time, but community service and probation.

I didn’t have to divulge this on the sf86, but I did divulge two charges, one of larceny and another of terroristic threats both misdemeanors. The terroristic threats was originally a felony pleased down. These both occurred in 2004. One day jail and probation was the sentence.

It seems that these latter two issues weren’t a big deal as I would have been disqualified initially without this going to dodcaf and having the evaluation. Would the 1994 incident be far enough in the past as not to cause a problem?


It seems strange that you would be referred for a psych eval for something that happened 24 years ago if there was no similar concerns since then more recently. If that was the only blip on the radar it should not have even warranted an SOR since time, youth, and no similar behavior would have mitigated the concern.



Someone that was interviewed for the clearance mentioned that they thought I had aspergers or something similar. This is probably what warranted the evaluation. While at the eval, they had me fill out some form that asked “Have you ever questions”. There were roughly 20 questions. Several asked if I had ever had sex with prostitutes or foreign nationals. Others asked if I had ever been convicted of a crime or been suspended from school. Another asked if I had ever stolen something. I don’t remember the name of form unfortunately. But do I have reason to worry about my juvenile records that are 25+ years old? None of this came out during the investigation as I had received a copy of that and never saw anything from my youth. Like mentioned in my initial post, I do have some charges/convictions from 2004, but nothing since.


I don’t think your incident from High School will disqualify you, but it does raise some flags. It shows another instance where you were threatening someone/something. That along with the terrorist threats seem pretty serious to me, and I could understand why someone would want more information. If they clear you and send you off to work and something happened, people would ask were there any red flags in the persons past? In order to not hold the company liable and the entire government, it would be helpful to have a psychologist clear you before you go forward. I would say this is all proper precaution/procedure considering your past. Again, I don’t think any of this will disqualify you for certain, but your process will be longer and will require additional steps because of your past mistakes.
- I have made mistakes that were from 10+ years ago that I still have to explain and answer to, so I’m not judging or trying to sound condescending. It stinks but you will have to answer for these mistakes in this clearance process.


I just received my TS clearance.


Whelp, congratulations. You had nothing to worry about then. Awesome!