School suspension and security clearance

During military enlistment I didn’t disclose school suspensions at MEPS. I am in the process of getting a top secret clearance. I understand the mistake I made not disclosing my suspensions and plan on disclosing them as soon as I am able. Any advice on the probable ramifications. For clarification when I was younger 10-14 I got suspended several times. Also, I am now 24 with a squeaky clean record other than some marijuana usage from 18-20 (15 times)

Did you list the marijuana usage?

Yes I did and there were no law violations attached.

The SF-86 does not ask for education related disciplinary actions. When you are interviewed by an Investigator, just be sure to be honest the first time around. I doubt it will be a show stopper.

Of course, there are suspensions, then there are concerning suspensions.

Being suspended for fighting at school when you were 15 is a very minor speed bump, which might not even arise.

Being suspended for threatening to shoot up the school, spending a month or two institutionalized, then trying to hide this incident from the military is a different speed bump.

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Investigators will likely visit your former high school, speak to faculty there, and review any school records on you. (based on my experience).

Weren’t you fired from a job at a university? Fairly different circumstances than someone getting suspended in high school.

No, I wasn’t. However, investigators were able to find a few co-workers at part-time casual campus jobs who apparently disliked me. Roughly the same level of seriousness as being suspended during high school I’d say.