SF-86- Lied on original SF-86 under recruiters advice for military for secret. Now applying for top secret for Secret Service

Good morning, I am applying for uniform division of the secret service. My issue is, I enlisted into the military in the usmc reserves and my mos is infantry. When enlisting, I told my recruiter about my prior usage of weed, as well as my underage alcohol citation. I never disclosed it to the Military and I am now in the hiring process for the UD secret service which requires a top secret clearance.

In my SF-86 form for the secret service, I put down the information that is missing from my military SF-86. I am wondering how if I should even bother applying to the secret service. I am worried that my life could be ruin, my military career will be halted and I could face jail time for my actions. Again I am telling the secret service the truth and I will no longer lie on any application.

For the military, I never talked to clearance investigator til my meeting with the Secret Service investigator. I enlisted in 2019 and I have used weed 10 times. I am not proud of what I did and totally regret my actions. I am just hoping for the best. I’m hoping my military career doesn’t get ruined, nor do I hope I won’t go to jail for this.

Did you use it while you were enlisted?

It really might not be that big of a deal. For the SS it may disqualify you but I don’t think there is any way you can have your military career ruined nor serve time in jail.