Deciphering Background Investigation Codes

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You were hired on for that dream job, flew through the background investigation process (well, maybe not really, but one can hope), and were granted a security clearance. What should you do now? I always recommend you request a copy of your own closed background investigation to keep for future reference. The Report of Investigation…


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I just finished having a “rushed” ATF Top Secret background investigation done on myself and I am super curious as to why my 2 year cohabitant girlfriend was not interviewed. Even during the interview the only question asked was her work location and for their contact info. I am assuming that a lot of those checks were done on her as well.

Furthermore, thank you for that list. I hadFOIA requested my whole BG and have since left a message with the liasion to try and narrow the scope to the ROI.

Current spouses/cohabitants are not interviewed, only former ones within the scope. Reason being is that current ones have a vested interest in you getting the clearance and because they currently live with you, will not say anything that may jeopardize the relationship.

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