Deferred sentence on an insurance fraud claim

I have a friend that is pending high security Clarence background check. But recently was charged with two count of felony of insurance fraud and conspiracy to commit a felony. Will that make her to loose her job if she got a deferred sentences?

A deferred sentence has no bearing on the fact the criminal conduct occurred. If she is currently undergoing the background investigation process they will not be able to complete it until the court action takes place, and even then the chances are slim to none that she would be able to mitigate the issues. If it is a job requirement for her to have a clearance then she will lose it or be moved to another job that does not require the clearance.

Thank you so much for your reply. You think that they will transfer my friend to a different department. Or they will fire her due to her criminal offense? She is currently working in an Air Force base as an engineering.